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Prostitution, as we know, is one of the oldest jobs in the world. Sex might have become normal, but when it comes to prostitution, the predominant population is not ok with it. There are people who state practical reasons for it, and there are people who state ethical reasons for it. Even if you take countries, there are countries where prostitution is legal, and there are countries where prostitution is punishable by law. It is one of those things that have been subjected to a lot of discussions. In this article, we will see the famous escorts of all time.

Since the topic is about famous escorts, did you know that in the last ten years most of the famous ones were Birmingham escorts and there are is second thoughts about the fact that Birmingham escort agency will provide some of the best escorts in the world?

Zahia Dehar

Zahia Dehar is a lady who looks like a Barbie doll. The first thing that hits the minds of people is that the picture is photoshopped. But the fact is she really exists, and she looks exactly the same of how she looks in the photos. She charges a massive 32000 dollars for her services. Rather than portraying as an escort, we think it would be better if she calls herself as sugar babe who is targeting rich people.


Lauren is one of the world famous escorts who is often referred to as the numero uno escort in New York City. When it comes to high profile escorts in New York, she has absolute dominance. She also made it to the cover in the New York magazine as the highest paid escort in New York. She charges 2000 dollars for an hour. For an entire night, she charges 16000 dollars.

 Maya Blues

One of the important aspects of Maya Blues is that she is all about business. She has her own website through which she updates all her upcoming events and where she travels. The site is filled with lots of stunning photos and videos. You can book her through her website and make online payments. She travels all over the country and makes the most of it every time that she travels.

Ashley Dupre

Ashley Dupre famously known as Kristen is the escort of Governor Eliot Spitzer. She has been rendering her services to the governor for over a period of six months, and she has been paid nearly 15000 dollars. This scandal gave her enough, and later she was featured in Playboy and other men’s magazines. As of now, she charges around 4500 dollars per night.

Marilyn Monroe

A big apology to all the Marilyn Monroe fans out there. Even though her name is not the first thing that strikes the mind while thinking of escorts, the sad truth is that she was also an escort. When she was famous, she charged around 500 dollars per night.


These escorts are famous for various reasons. Some of them are popular for their connections with the A-listers and some for their stardom that they had. But when it comes to famous escorts the things that will immediately strike our mind are Birmingham escorts and Birmingham escort agency.

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